Wildwood Correctional Complex Mail

The mailing addresses below are for prisoners incarcerated at either the WPTF pre-trial facility, the WCC sentenced facility, or the WTP minimum-custody facility of the Wildwood Correctional Complex:

Prisoner Name
Wildwood Pre-Trial Facility
5 Chugach Avenue
Kenai, Alaska 99611

Prisoner Name
Wildwood Transitional Program
11 Chugach Avenue
Kenai, Alaska 99611

Prisoner Name
Wildwood Correctional Center
10 Chugach Avenue
Kenai, Alaska 99611

General Mail Procedures

  • Prisoner may correspond with anyone unless such correspondence jeopardizes the safety of a person, a prisoner's rehabilitation, or the security of the institution. Therefore, prisoners may not correspond with their victim(s) and/or persons or minors they are "court ordered" not to contact. The prisoner is given written notice when incoming or outgoing mail violates a no contact order.
  • All incoming and outgoing mail will be scanned and inspected for prohibited content and contraband per DOC Policy 810.03, Prisoner Mail, Publications and Packages. Prisoners receive written notice if their mail is not delivered or mailed out because of prohibited content or if it contains contraband or unauthorized items.
  • According to USPS regulations, a lack of a return address on a letter or package is an indicator of 'suspicious or suspect mail'. Accordingly, mail or packages received without a return address will be seized and disposed of within 30 days of receipt unless a name, forwarding address, and postage is provided by the prisoner.
  • Mail or packages that have an odor of perfume (which conceals other odors) or has lipstick or other unknown substances on the envelope or package will be returned to the sender unopened. Letters and/or drawings written or drawn with any type of marker, gel pen, glue, puffy paint with sparkles, etc., are unauthorized, as well as mail containing newspaper or magazine clippings, bookmarks, plastic cards, postage stamps, stickers, or other unauthorized items.
  • The prisoner will be given notice to disburse the items within 30 days or they will be disposed of. If you have questions regarding what can or cannot be mailed into either the sentenced or pre-trial facility, contact Facilities Standards Sergeant at Wildwood.
  • Below are two examples of DOC Policy 810.03, VII. Procedures, E. Prohibited Mail:
    • "4. Shows frontal nudity. Frontal nudity includes either the exposed female breast(s) and/or the genitalia of either gender;..."
    • "...9. Is in violation of a court order or probations/parole condition prohibiting contact with an individual or class of individuals;..."
  • Money orders may be mailed into the institution and do not need prior authorization. Cash may be placed on a prisoner's account, but only during normal visiting hours. Personal checks will not be accepted at all and may be disbursed back to the sender. Prisoners may not receive money from prisoners who have been recently released or from another prisoner's visitors or family. If a person tries to mail or place money on two or more prisoners' books, the money will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender or visitor. Anything suspicious regarding money coming into the institution will be referred to the Security Sergeant for further review and may be returned to the sender.