Wildwood Correctional Center Treatment Programs

Psychiatric Component

Weekly telepsychiatry occurs at WCC, via Anchorage providers, to ensure that mentally ill patients receive evaluations and medication prescriptions.

Clinical Component

A Mental Health Clinician III is responsible for daily provision of services. This includes management of the psychiatric component above by providing initial and follow-up evaluations. In addition, one-on-one counseling is available upon the request of either inmates or referring staff members. Common subjects of counseling include grief issues, family problems, and behavioral issues while in custody.

Suicidality is a significant concern in any institution. A standardized protocol is initiated whenever a prisoner is at risk of self-harm. Annual training is provided to all staff members to help recognize and act during mental health emergencies.

After release from WCC chronically mentally ill inmates are provided with services in their home area. Release planning begins for these individuals while they are still incarcerated.

The Cognitive Change series consists of 3 classes that are offered on a regular basis; Anger Management, Commitment to Change & Good Intentions, Bad Choices. A variety of mental health workbooks on the following topics are available to inmates in each of the buildings: Grief, Depression, Anxiety & Worry, Anger, Shame, Self-Esteem Daily Life (stress, nutrition, sleep, exercise, financial responsibility), Healthy Relationships (communication skills, conflict resolution), Core Skills (communication, anger & stress mgmt., responsible decisions), Feelings (strategies to manage feelings that lead to negative consequences).