Wildwood Pretrial Gifts & Property

With prior approval from the Operations and/or Medical departments, the only items of property accepted during visiting hours from family or friends are court clothes, eyeglasses, and certain prescription meds. The in-house approval for this is initiated by the prisoner; do not bring any of the aforementioned items unless arrangements are made for you to do so.

Mailing Gifts/Property

You may order and receive directly from an approved vendor publications including magazines, soft cover/paper back books, or newspapers. All books ordered must be new as we will not accept any used books. Prisoners must have sufficient funds to pay for any order in advance. Family and friends may order publications for delivery to a prisoner directly from an approved vendor or publisher which is listed below. Any deviation from the approved vendor listed requires the approval of the Superintendent. A newspaper subscription to the Peninsula Clarion is not allowed because it is provided by the Inmate Council.

Approved vendors for books include: Barnes & Noble, Edward R. Hamilton Book Sellers, Christian Book Distributors, Daedalus Books, River City Books and King's Treasures Christian Bookstore. Magazines may be ordered from any verifiable publisher but will be screened for appropriate content.

No prior approval is necessary before ordering, but when the books or magazines are received, the property officer will verify property limits. If you have excess books or magazines, you will be required to either disburse or donate the excess.

All other property items require prior approval from the Property Officer.