Visiting Wildwood Transitional

Visiting Hours for General Population Prisoners

There is currently no secure visiting available.

  • Monday through Friday 1830 - 2130.
    • Monday and Wednesday adults only.
    • Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday general population.
  • Saturday 0900 - 1000 & 1830 - 2130 adults only.
  • Saturday 1300 - 1500 general population.
  • Sunday 0900 - 1000 & 1830 - 2130 general population.
  • Sunday 1300 - 1500 adults only.

General Information

Prisoners must submit for approval the names of all visitors, including children, with whom they wish to have contact visits. Contact visiting will be denied if:

  • A prisoner forgets to submit someone's name;
  • A prisoner's visitor is not on the approved list; or
  • A visitor who isn't on an individual prisoner's list but is on another prisoner's list.

If a prisoner submits a person's name that is on the State-wide Barred List, that person may not visit at all. Contact Visiting Approval requests submitted by prisoners early in the week are usually approved by the weekend.