Reporting to Jail at Lemon Creek Correctional Center

Reporting Instructions

The Alaska Court System frequently will sentence an offender to serve a certain amount of time in jail. They will do this when the offender is in court and will instruct them to report to the Lemon Creek Correctional Center on a particular date. When this happens the offender must go to the Court Clerks office and get a copy of the signed judgement. This document must be signed by the sentencing judge. This is a different document from the Reporting Instructions document which is not accepted by the Department of Corrections as legal authority to hold.

On the date that the offender is to report to jail, they must report before 8:00 PM and must not be under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs. Additionally they are to report to jail with only the clothes they are wearing and money that will be placed on the offender's account. No other items are allowed.

Reporting to jail and handing the Officer the Court Judgement
After being cleared by the Officer and entering the jail compound

Upon arriving to the Lemon Creek Correctional Center, the offender should drive or walk around to the rear vehicle entry area of the prison, at which point the Rover Patrol Officer will make contact with the offender. The offender must then present their copy of the Court Judgment (the one signed by the judge that also has the case number and sentence on the form) to the Roving Patrol Officer. The Officer will conduct a Pat Search of the offender and then clear them to enter the prison.

The offender will proceed through the rear gates to the rear of the facility, where he or she will enter the booking area of the facility and be booked into jail to begin serving the sentence.