Palmer Correctional Center Mail

Mailing Address for Prisoners

Prisoner Name OB #
Palmer Correctional Center
PO Box 919
Palmer, Alaska 99645

Authorized Mail

  • Prisoners may correspond with anyone unless such correspondence jeopardizes the safety of a person, a prisoner's rehabilitation, or the security of the institution.
  • Prisoners may not correspond with their victim(s), persons they are court ordered not to contact.
  • Prisoners may receive correspondence, and photos from authorized vendors.
  • Prisoners may receive money orders, cashier's checks, and certified checks for $500 or less from approved visitors only. Personal checks and cash are not authorized; they will be returned to sender at the inmate’s expense.

Prohibited Mail

Prohibited mail is any mail that:

  • Contains plans or threats of physical harm or other criminal activity;
  • Contains contraband, plans for sending contraband in to or out of the institution, or indicates other activities prohibited under 22 AAC 05.400, Prohibited Conduct For Prisoners;
  • Is written in code that the reader cannot understand;
  • Shows frontal undress, (see DOC P&P 810.03 for additional information);
  • Solicits gifts, money, credit, or contractual purchases without the approval of the Superintendent or designee;
  • Contains information that, if communicated, would create a risk of mental or physical harm to a person;
  • Contains material that could reasonably be expected to aid an escape, or incite or encourage any form of violence;
  • Contains audio or video tapes;
  • Is in violation of a Court order; or
  • Has been banned for good reason following an individualized determination by the Department;
  • Contains unauthorized items on or in the envelope such as: loose postage stamps, stickers, white-out, homemade or laminate cards, fragrance, crayon, marker, highlighter, or other unidentifiable materials.