Fairbanks Probation Office

The Fairbanks District Office currently is charged with oversight of felony offenders, including tracking offenders who have absconded from probation and/or parole. The office is responsible for a geographic area extending from the Alaska Range to the Brooks Range, including the Tanana and Yukon River watersheds - over 37% of Alaska and an area greater than the size of California, the Nation's third largest state.

Most (well over 60%) of the probation district's approximately 500 supervised offenders live within the Fairbanks metropolitan area. The probation district contains a total of more than 40 communities, with populations ranging in size from approximately 31,000 (Fairbanks) to fewer than 10 (e.g., Kallands). Many of the communities are fly-in only, with no road connection. The office also supervises offenders who reside along the rural roads system, which is located South from Fairbanks on the Richardson Highway to the Canadian Border, South on the Parks Highway to Cantwell, North of Fairbanks to the Brooks Mountain Range and East to Kaltag.

The office currently houses the PACE program ran by two probation officers and one dedicated Criminal Justice Technician. The PACE program is geared towards offenders who have done poorly on normal supervision and need enhanced supervision. The Fairbanks Probation office supports one Reentry Probation Officer. The Reentry program is supported by the Second Chance grant and is responsible for coordinating the reintegration of offenders back into society and ensuring they are given the services they need to be successful. The Reentry Probation Officer also works closely with the Fairbanks Reentry Coalition.