Anchorage Probation Office

The Anchorage Probation Office is committed to promoting a healthier, stronger, safer Alaska. The successful community reintegration of probationers and parolees is achieved through evidence-based practices and effective supervision. Probation/Parole Officers, Criminal Justice Technicians, and Office Assistants work together with the primary focus of facilitating community safety by working with offenders to rehabilitate their behavior and reintegrate into the community. The Anchorage Probation Office also takes pride in having specialized caseloads/units to fit the needs of sex offenders and mentally ill offenders. The Anchorage Probation Office is constantly striving to improve the Probation and Parole process through new and more innovative programming/interventions. With the safety of the community in mind, the Anchorage Probation Office provides individuals with the tools for long-term change and success.