Wildwood Correctional Center LSSAT Program

Life Success Substance Abuse Treatment (LSSAT)

Akeela Inc. and Wildwood Correctional Complex provide intensive outpatient Substance Abuse treatment to inmates with a substance use disorder who assess at an ASAM II.1 level, at least. We provide assessment and referral services to inmates located in the Wildwood correctional facilities. Inmates can receive an assessment followed by referral either to the LSSAT program, or they may be referred to a higher level of care to substance use programs in the communities to which they will be released. The Life Success Substance Abuse Treatment (LSSAT) program provides 12 hour per week group counseling and 1 hour per week individual counseling during the 90 day treatment cycle. Completion of the Intensive Outpatient treatment is followed by continuing care coordinated by the primary counselors either at their discharge location or in the prison if they have more time to serve. The program is approved by the State of Alaska Department of Corrections, Alaska Court System (ASAP), Office of Children Services (OCS), and other applicable state agencies. The LSSAT treatment program delivers services in a three phase model and use Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) and evidenced based practices as the primary curriculum.