AK DOC Reentry

PACE Plans for Expansion

Because the data from the Anchorage pilot project tracked the Project HOPE data so closely,and because expansion appeared feasible from the standpoint of each agency’s workload, the PACE team agreed to add more participants in the next three months, with a goal of seventy participants. As of November 8, Probation had identified 37 more people, which includes a participant group of fifteen, a control group of fifteen, and seven additional probationers who could fill in if one or more of the participants becomes ineligible before the scheduled warning hearings. The team set warning hearings in November for November 1 (four probationers), November 9 (seven probationers), and November 16 (four probationers). No new probationers will be added in December because of reduced staff in all agencies during that month.

Judges and other criminal justice agency staff people throughout the state have expressed strong interest in the pilot program. At its November 3, 2010 meeting, members of the Criminal Justice Working Group (CJWG) emphasized the pilot nature of Anchorage PACE, and were encouraged by the interest in the program. Members agreed to the following time table, which allows time for a preliminary evaluation of the program before its expansion to other communities.


November 2010: PACE will add 15 new probationers randomly selected from a group of 37 identified by Probation. The remaining probationers will comprise a control group.

December 2010: No new probationers added to PACE

January 2011: 15 more probationers added, again randomly selected from a group of at least 30 identified by probation.

February 2011: Ten to 15 probationers added.

March to May 2011: Data collected on all probationers in the program followed by a preliminary evaluation of PACE.

June 2011: Court at CJWG stakeholders may consider expanding PACE to other communities.