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Wildwood Inmates Create Hats to Benefit Relay for Life

WTP Hats

In honor of those who have fought cancer, inmates at the Wildwood Transitional Program created and donated numerous pink hats to benefit the Central Peninsula Relay for Life, which was held June 1st. The hats were presented to event organizer Johna Beech, who said she was very thankful to those that created the hats and that they would either be given as prizes or auctioned. WTP hopes to fill the need next year and do twice as many hats!

Lillie Gets Lucy: Wildwood SPOT Graduate Adopted for Service Dog Training

New DOC Buses

Lillie (holding leash), Lucy (on leash)

Shannon McCloud, assistant superintendent at Wildwood Correctional Facility in Kenai reports the following:

The Wildwood Transitional Facility “SPOT” program is happy to announce the adoption of Lucy. A family inquired about adopting a dog to continue in training to be a service dog. When the family arrived to look at the dog, Lillie grabbed the leash and said “my Lucy!” The inmates and staff nearly melted into the floor! Lucy the Lab is doing well in her new home.

Wildwood also has for adoption: LeRoy, a full blood black lab, very smart, full of energy but is deaf. Inmate trainers are working on teaching him hand signals. It is a slow process but he already knows quite a few commands. He is available now. Roman is a very large Black Lab mix. He is still in puppy training as he is only about 10 months old. He is learning his basic commands and should be available in about 4-6 weeks. Are you interested in adopting LeRoy or Roman? If so, please email Assistant Superintendent McCloud HERE.

Officers Kimes, Reposa Named Employees of the Year at Wildwood Correctional Complex

Dec 2012 Bethel PO Office 187

L-R: Officers Reposa, Kimes named WWCC Employees of the Year

The Wildwood Correctional complex is proud to announce employees of the year, Officers Jim Kimes and Todd Reposa. Officer Kimes is a 12 year veteran of the Department, starting at SCCC in 2000 and transferring to Wildwood in 2007. Officer Reposa also began his career at SCCC in 2002, transferring in 2004 to Wildwood. They were selected for their “can do” attitude and exceptional work ethic. Superintendent Bob Hibpshman praises their positive attitudes and leadership roles within the facility. Congratulations to Officers Kimes and Reposa!

Wildwood Cell Dog Program A Boost for Milo and Honey

FCC CAP Graduates

Left to right — Jerremy Merrow with Milo and Rey Soto with Honey

In June, the Wildwood Correctional Center Minimum Camp began a Cell Dog program, modeled after the very successful SPOT program at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center. The first dog to come into the program was “Milo” an Australian Shepard; he’s remained the camp dog and there are no plans for him to be adopted. Woody ,another Australian Shepard was trained for about 90 days and was quickly adopted.

Layla, a Rottweiler-Husky mix was a mess when she came to the program. After four months, she calmed down and turned into a fantastic dog. As of last week, she has been given a new home, and her new owners have become quite attached to her. The newest challenge is “Honey” a golden lab mix. She has some medical issues but the inmates at the minimum camp have agreed to conduct a fundraiser to pay the cost to fix those problems.

“Overall the program is making good strides and the training is always ongoing,” said Assistant Superintendent Shannon McCloud. “An outside trainer comes once per week for individual instruction and the handlers are expected to train with their dogs every day. So far they have taught Milo (and Layla) to open doors and to turn out the lights.
Our mission at this time is basic obedience, but the future for this program in unlimited.”

Wildwood Inmates volunteer for beach cleanup

Palmer Staff

A WCC inmate and Officer Todd Reposa walk off the beach at the end of a productive day of removing trash.

A plea from the Parks Department for the City of Kenai to assist in cleaning up the Kenai beach was answered by Wildwood inmates. A team of 8 inmates was sent from the Wildwood Transitional Program to complete the project. They picked up hundreds of pounds of debris and trash from the beach.

This has been a productive year for the Transitional Program, assisting with trash pick-up, park sign construction and invasive weed removal.

Wildwood Correctional Centers name Employees of the Year

Correctional Officer Robert Delgado and Accounting Clerk Casey DeSiena have been selected as Wildwood Correctional Centers’ Employees of the Year. Officer Delgado has been employed at Wildwood since 2007 and Ms. DeSiena since 2009. They are described by Superintendent Bob Hibpshman as “extraordinary employees, dependable, quiet and capable. Employees that everyone would like to have. Congratulations to both of them!”

Inmate Ice Sculpture Contest held at Wildwood Correctional Center


The Wildwood Correctional Center held its first ice sculpture contest. The contest was initiated by the Correctional Officers working at the new minimum camp (Wildwood Transitional Program). The Officers had the inmates pile the snow in the inmate recreation area to be compacted. Four teams signed up to take part in the contest and worked through many sub-zero days and evenings to complete their projects. Assistant Superintendent Shannon McCloud was the Judge and chose the life-size model of a Jeep. In second place, was the oversized toilet and in third and fourth places were polar bears and walruses.

Superintendent Bob Hibpshman thought the contest was a good way to keep the inmates busy and learn to work together on teams. “I was surprised at the level of detail on the sculptures considering they had very few tools to work with,” he said. The winners received a bag of Starbucks Coffee and the runners up were given king sized candy bars.

Wildwood Correctional Center names Employees of the Year


Sgt. James Milburn and CO II Valerie Hudson have been named Wildwood Correctional Center’s Employees of the Year. Sgt. Milburn is an eleven year veteran of the Department. He is currently a Shift Supervisor at the sentenced facility. He has exemplified the Departments mission and works very hard to promote staff involvement in public service endeavors. He most recently was the team captain for the Relay for Life event held in Soldotna in the spring. He is hard working and a positive role model for other staff members. CO II Valerie Hudson, time-accounting officer at the pretrial facility, is an almost 15-year DOC veteran. She is a time accounting officer at the pre-trial facility. She has been instrumental in training the staff in use of the new ACOMS system. “She is the “go to” person when questions arise in any area of the facility,” said Superintendent Bob Hibpshman. “She is truly a gem.”