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Gail Brimner Honored for 11 Years of Service to VINE

Photo of Gail Brimner receiving award from Joyce Karrfalt of Appriss, Inc.

Joyce Karrfalt of Appriss Inc. presents an Appreciation of Service Award to Gail Brimner, of the department’s Victim Services Unit.

In 2004, Gail Brimner began working in the DOC’s Victim Service Unit which sponsors the state’s Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) service.  VINE notifications have evolved through the years from letters and phone calls to now phone calls and email along with immediate access to offender information via the VINEMobile phone app.  The number of new registrants in the VINE service has grown from 760 in 2004 to almost 11,000 in 2013.  Through Gail’s dedication to crime victims across the state and also to the VINE service, Appriss awarded Gail with an Appreciation of Service award for the 11 years she has been involved with VINE.   Ms. Brimner states, “It was a surprise and honor to be recognized by Appriss for our 11 years of working together to support the goal of empowering victims.”