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Commissioner Addresses NASC 2010

Commissioner Joe Schmidt addressed a session of the 2010 National Association of Sentencing Commissions conference Aug. 8-10 at Point Clear, Alabama. The commissioner reported on the department’s work at implementing PACE. “I followed Judge Alm and Dr. Hawken. I presented the mission statement and offered some details about what has been done to institute the PACE program in Alaska,” the commissioner said. The commissioner represents Alaska on NASC.


What Is PACE?

Alaska PACE is modeled after Hawaii’s Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) program. Following the model developed by Judge Steven Alm, PACE aims to reduce crime and drug use among criminal offenders. PACE identifies probationers who are likely to violate their conditions of probation; notifies them that violations will have consequences; requires frequent randomized drug and/or alcohol tests; and responds to violations with swift, certain and short terms of incarceration.


APD Chief Mark Mew speaks with DOC Special Assistant Carmen Gutierrez

PACE is a program made possible through the joint cooperation of the Alaska Court System, the Anchorage Police Department, the Department of Law, the State Public Defender’s Office, the Office of Public Advocacy, the Department of Corrections and the Department of Public Safety.

The program began as a pilot project in Anchorage Superior Court on July 12, 2010 with 29 probationers. The number of probationers placed in PACE will increase as the parties work out the glitches that come with the implementation of any new pilot project.