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PCC 2016 Employees of the Year Honored at Palmer Elks Lodge Banquet

Palmer Correctional Center is pleased to announce that the following staff has been recognized to receive the Law, Order, & Public Safety award hosted by the Palmer Elks Lodge # 1842 on October 8th, 2016:

Sergeant Lee Pritchett – Sergeant of the Year

Officer Clarice Momoe – Officer of the Year

Mental Health Clinician – Support Staff of the Year

Sergeant Lee Pritchett started his career as Correctional Officer I at Anchorage Correctional Complex in 1998. Upon becoming a Correctional Officer II he transferred to Palmer Correctional Center where he worked until 2006. After a brief separation from the Department, Officer Pritchett returned as a Correctional Officer II to Anchorage Correctional Complex in 2007. In 2014 he transferred back to Palmer Correctional Center where he was promoted to a Correctional Officer III. Sgt. Pritchett was Employee of the Month at PCC in June 2016. Sgt. Pritchett keeps us up to date on our training, and is always looking for new training opportunities to benefit PCC staff and the Department of Corrections. Sgt. Pritchett has mastered the art of grievances and has been able to resolve a lot of them at the facility level; thus saving the Department time and money. Sgt. Pritchett is an integral part of team at PCC.

Officer Clarice Momoe – started her career at PCC in 2012 as a Correctional Officer I. Officer Momoe became APSC certified and promoted to Correctional Officer II in October of 2013. Since starting at PCC, Officer Momoe has worked as a Property Officer, Shift Officer, and fills in regularly as the HRC (Visiting) Officer. Officer Momoe is always willing to volunteer to work where needed. Officer Momoe is highly regarded by all PCC Staff! Officer Momoe is an asset to Palmer Correctional Center and the Department of Corrections.

Mental Health Clinician Tina Skoog – started with the Department of Corrections in 2014 at Palmer Correctional Center as a Mental Health Clinician II. Ms. Skoog teaches numerous classes for the prisoners at PCC to include Anger Management, Assertive Communication, and Stress Management.

She supports the prisoner’s successes not only in her classes but attends graduations for TLC, RSAT, IOPSAT, etc. to show her support. She keeps open communication with the security staff on any potential issues that could arise. Ms. Skoog is someone that we have come to count on!

TLC Graduation

On May 23rd, 2016 Palmer Correctional Center (PCC) held a Transformation Living Community (TLC) graduation. Reverend Duncan, the statewide Chaplaincy Coordinator, attended the graduation and spoke as the guest graduation speaker. His speech was motivational, thought provoking and humorous for those in attendance. The following inmates graduated from TLC: David Anderson, David Hesch, Heath Olin, and Dale Ohler. A special thanks to TLC Director Dana Goodwater, and TLC Program Counselors Paul Schindler and Phil Markwart and we wish the graduates much success in their future!

PCC Bakes World Flavors Cakes

Palmer Correctional Center getting their bake on as inmates cooked six cakes for the World Flavors Potluck at the Mat-Su Career and Tech High School in Wasilla recently.

This was a family event and participants included Governor Bill Walker, First Lady Donna Walker, Wasilla Mayor Bert Cottle, Palmer Mayor DeLena Johnson, Houston Mayor Virgie Thompson, Mat-Su Borough Mayor Vern Halter, and many others.

These cakes were put together by inmates Michael Ponte and Harley Woods, with the help of our kitchen staff, Dave Cobb and Nancy Henrionnet. The cakes provided 300 servings for the event.

Thank you! We appreciate you!

Palmer Correctional Center Dual Diagnosis Program Has First Ever Graduation

Congratulations to the first ever graduates of the Palmer Correctional Center’s (PCC) Dual Diagnosis program. The PCC Dual Diagnosis program is an outpatient substance abuse treatment program for offenders with mental health issues, as well as substance abuse related issues.

There were eight graduates who successfully completed the 24 week program. The graduation ceremony consisted of inmates who were joined by family and friends and involved them sharing insights they had learned and practices they plan to continue to implement into their daily lives. The floor was also open for staff and visitors to inquire about personal growth and prompted the graduates for suggestions to continually improve the program to best assist inmates in their success. The celebration concluded with guests giving encouraging words, congratulations, and program graduates being awarded certificates.

We celebrate the graduates success and give best wishes to you and those who follow in the footsteps of graduating from the PCC Dual Diagnosis program in the future.

Back row (left to right): IOPSAT DD Coordinator Daniel Davis, Lawrence Starkloff, Adrian Genet, Alvin Archa
Front row (left to right): Phillip Barajas, Carl Nunn, Khonephet Lavivong, Caleb Gorsline

Back row (left to right): IOPSAT DD Coordinator Daniel Davis, Lawrence Starkloff, Adrian Genet, Alvin Archa
Front row (left to right): Phillip Barajas, Carl Nunn, Khonephet Lavivong, Caleb Gorsline

PCC Wasilla Trash Pick-Up

Palmer Correctional Center (PCC) staff and inmates volunteered to assist in cleaning up trash along the Parks Highway in Wasilla on Saturday, February 20th, 2016. The following inmates volunteered and did an absolutely outstanding job of helping to clean up our community: William Vanderpool, Ronald Penamora, Wyatt Metro, Garry Archey, Larry Goss, Richard Lane, Kenneth Massengill, Jonathon Hart, Michael Yunker, Philip Gibson, and Justin Hornal. A special thanks to Wasilla Mayor Bert Cottle for his support and assistance in this project, as well as Phil Cole, Special Assistant to the Commissioner II, who volunteered his time for this project.

PCC donates to the Mat-Su Valley Project Homeless Connect

On January 27, 2016 starting at 10-3p.m. hours, families, veterans and other valley residents facing homelessness will have the opportunity to receive numerous services at the annual Mat-Su Valley Project Homeless Connect located at Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Center in Wasilla. The prisoners at Palmer Correctional Center and a DOC staff member funded and donated items to this community outreach program.

The prisoners at the Medium Facility handcrafted crocheted items for the Mat-Su Valley Project Homeless Connect. The prisoners displayed compassion, caring, and kindness for others which are integral steps toward positive changes by donating these custom crafted items. Total donations: 250 hats, 250 scarves and 86 blankets.

The prisoners at the Minimum Facility handcrafted 20 crocheted toys for children. The Special Assistant II to the Commissioner, Mr. Phil Cole donated 250 hand warmers and polar-tech material, so the minimum prisoners could sew 19 fleece gloves for the Homeless Connect Project.

PCC Minimum Community Care Program

The inmates at Minimum Facility of Palmer Correctional Center are proud to announce the competition of a major contribution to the facility’s Community Care Program. This past week, they finished 1000 wooden toys to be given to needy children, just in time for the holidays!

The inmates proposed to crochet stuffed animals to be given out to the charitable organizations and currently have completed 183 animals.

PCC Medium Community Care Program

From left to right
Jeff Martin, David Sander, Albert Echolt, Acting Asst. Super. Olsen, Edward Newman, Acting Lt. Wood, Michael Zavacky, Alan Johnson, John Osborne Jr, Superintendent Anderson, Benjamin Schroeder, Joshua Mead, Newton Lindoff, Tim Jean, Martin Komok, Sgt. Hauser, Ofc. Canada

PCC Medium Community Care Program

PCC inmates have funded and participated for the ninth consecutive year in a crochet program that allows the inmates to give back to the community. All of the materials used for the projects are purchased from the profits generated by the PCC Medium Club Sales Store. This year at PCC we had 200 participants in the program. The inmates create their own unique patterns which is clearly apparent in their designs. It is the mission of Palmer Correctional Center to aid the inmates incarcerated to return to the community as healthy, productive and responsible members of their communities.

2015 Completed Community Care Project Totals:
Hats: 3500
Blankets: 400
Scarves: 800

PCC Medium Community Care Program

Left to right standing: Joseph Minock, Ralph Aveganna, Timothy Queripel, Ryan Cox, Travis Heintzman, Dale Ohler, John Kohler, Harry Elewis, Aaron Lochridge, Thomas Hopson, Robert Tanape, Michael Schreider, Eddie John, Vincent Karmun, Heath Olin, Tommy Davis, Robert Bane, Larry Brown II, Chris Parker, Sean Aubrey, Andrew Nelson, Raymond Arkell, Ah Limchantha, and Vaituu Motuga.
Middle kneeling left to right: Michael Linn, and Chris Jordan.

Front from left to right sitting and kneeling: Anthony Papa, Steve Wright, John Michael Knauss, Jeffery King, Timothy Russell, and Jeremiah Avessuk.

PCC Share Campaign Potatoes & Medium Ham & Turkey Donation

On November 20th, 2015, the Palmer Correctional Center and Acting Director Marshall partnered together to purchase one ton of potatoes from the Share Campaign Silent Auction to donate to various charitable organizations within our communities. On December 3rd, the Medium Facility prisoners donated 8 turkeys and 8 hams to the Palmer Food Bank.

On December 3, 2015, the following organizations were the recipients of 50 pound bags of potatoes:

Alaska Family Services – 1 bag
Palmer Food Bank – 4 bags
My House – 1 bag
Salvation Army – 10 bags

On December 15, 2015, PCC will deliver the following 50 pound bags of potatoes to:

New Life Development – 2 bags
McKinnel House – 6 bags
Stepping Stone – 3 bags
Mother Lawrence – 1 bag
Frontline Mission – 4 bags
Pioneer Home – 4 bags
Palmer Senior Citizen Center – 4 bags

Total potatoes donated was forty 50lbs bags = 1 ton! Happy Holidays from Palmer Correctional Center!

COs Russell and Hauser with the potato harvest

Left to right: Officer Russell & Sergeant Hauser.