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Thank You Chaplain Duncan!

A Big Thank You to Chaplain Reverend James Duncan who recently was part of several outreach efforts that positively impacted Anvil Mountain Correctional Center.

Chaplain Duncan delivered Anvil Mountain Correctional Center 23 Bibles donated by the Baxter Road Bible Church in Anchorage, AK.

This charitable donation from the Church replenished our low Bible supply. Chaplain Duncan is also networking and finding a replacement for our local Chaplain that recently resigned. All of his efforts are during a personal visit to Nome. This type of dedication and kindness is greatly appreciated.

We appreciate you Chaplain Duncan!

Hiland Mountain Lullaby Concert Near Completion KTVA, CBS 11 News

Check out this KTVA 11 News story done by Rhonda McBride on the Hiland Mountain Lullaby Concert


Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to be apart of something special on September 24th at 11AM

Powerful lyrics written by inmates with children blended with music and voices from various Alaskan musicians and voices.

Please click on the link to buy tickets in advance


From Lemon Creek to the Basketball Court, Probation Officer Gives Back

Lemon Creek Correctional Probation Officer Katie Sullivan aka Sully has been involved in the Special Olympics Juneau Basketball Team for many years. The team travels to Anchorage every June and this year they won gold. It’s not that they won the gold medal that makes this important, it’s because of Sully’s years of dedication to the team. Thank you Sully for your commitment to the Juneau community. We appreciate you!

LCCC Employee Wellness Event

Lemon Creek Correctional Center held their inaugural, Employee Wellness Committee Silent Auction and BBQ on May 4th and 5th.

Guests had the opportunity to bid on various goods and services including:

  • Photographic prints by Bruce Massey and Brian Weed
  • Ocean Fishing trips donated by Sgt. Tricen Headings & Sgt. Jeremy Finlayson, Ron Shriver and newly retired Sgt. Ken Patten.
  • Personal work out training with Officer Mike Moniak
  • Pies by CO Shari Mullen
  • GoPro donated by Lt. Ken Hoff
  • Whale watching tour with PO Regan Tweedy
  • Biking tour with CO Rick Slater
  • Mechanic services by CO Rob Corcoran
  • House Painting by CO Andrew Scalf
  • Yard Work by Counselor Malcolm Nichols
  • Snagging Fundamentals with pro salmon snagger Sgt. Tony Malacas
  • TONS of food donated by the Staff of LCCC

The entire event was orchestrated by the tireless efforts of:
President – Lydia O’Leary
Vice Looper – Lauren Looper
Treasurer – Regan Tweedy

The food was awesome, with friendly company and a family atmosphere. The LCCC employee wellness committee raised over $1400.00 to be used as seed money in their goal of hosting many more of these type of events to ultimately enhance the morale and well-being of LCCC employees.

Spring Creek’s Hobby Shop Creates Firefighter Memorials

It’s 1941. Late November in Alaska. As America is about to plunge into World War II, the small port town and railroad hub of Seward sees its three-digit population swell by nearly 3500 officers and enlisted men. The Seward Fire Hall receives a brand new, cherry red, state-of-the-art, 1941 Ford Engine. And a fire rages down 4th Avenue. At least 16 buildings are engulfed in the town’s business district. For the truck, a virtual trial by fire.

It’s 2015. An unusually warm winter in Alaska. Seward Fire Department’s Morgan Woodard, a volunteer firefighter, dreams of creating a memorial for SFD’s firefighters. He remembers seeing a miniature replica of an engine created by Donald Seek, an inmate and a member of Spring Creek’s Hobby Shop.

“Morgan crawled all over old Engine 41, in the back garage, to provide Mr. Seek with photos,” said Janice Melvin, the department’s secretary.

Mr. Seek, the master craftsman, was assisted by other members of the Hobby Shop. Randall Smith and Kirby Anthoney helped with metal and wood work, and some detail work was provided by Carl Abhul, Noel Fears, James Hemingway, and Michael James. This collaborative effort was another example of the Hobby Shop at its finest.

According to Melvin, the plan is to make small, brass plates engraved with names for those members who have departed. The result will be an incredible piece of art that will be cherished for generations to come.

And a dream realized.

The fire engine will be displayed at the Seward Fire Department.

The Flying University

Scott Burton produced and narrated a documentary that highlights a literary and philosophy program at Lemon Creek Correctional Center. A special thank you goes to Superintendent Busby for allowing the filming of the documentary, and to the staff at Lemon Creek for supporting the project and being available for interviews. The program is 22 minutes long and can be viewed on the 360North website at http://www.360north.org/flying-university/