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Commissioner Taylor Joins in Celebration of Years of Service Recognition

The Juneau Central Office for the Department of Corrections celebrated four employees’ years of service awards recognized by the State of Alaska. Commissioner Ron Taylor, along with Deputy Commissioner’s Diane Casto and Remond Henderson as well as the Director of Administrative Services, April Wilkerson, all were present to honor their employees and thank them for many years of dedicated hard work for the State of Alaska.

Juneau Central Office Hosts Administrative Officers and Assistants

Photo of DOC Administrative Services training class

The Juneau Central Office hosted close to 30 Administrative Officers and Administrative Assistants from across the Department this week. Institutions, Probation and Parole, the Academy and Statwide Services were represented at the three-day conference. Topics ranged from the new finance system, human resources and recruitment, procurement and budget. In addition, conference participants enjoyed a meet-and-greet with the JCO payroll and central office staff.

Baked Potato Bar Raises $320 for SHARE Campaign

Photo of loaded baked potato at Juneau Central Office's Potato Bar

Expertly topped baked potato enjoyed by staff at JCO

The Juneau Central Office raised $320 for the 2014 SHARE Campaign with a baked potato bar Thursday, Oct. 9th. The potatoes were provided, cleaned, and sorted by Goose Creek Correctional Center, from the Point Mackenzie Farm. Once brought to Juneau, the spuds were expertly baked in the commercial ovens at Lemon Creek Correctional Center. The fresh Alaska-grown spuds drew praise for their excellent taste! Three pans of potatoes were sold for eating on site to taking home for dinner or baked potato soup. Dianne Godkin organized condiments and assisted in transporting the potatoes to the fund-raiser and returning the pans to the LCCC kitchen. Trevor Cox, food service lead at LCCC, organized the preparation and baking. Their assistance is greatly appreciated.

The SHARE Campaign is the Alaska state employee’s charitable giving program. The campaign offers a variety of giving options as well as privacy and security. Donations are accepted in a variety of ways including via payroll deduction, check, cash, and credit card. Payroll deduction is the most popular method of giving for the simple reason that a small amount can be deducted from each pay period contributing to a much larger gift overall than many of us could afford upfront.

If you’d like to organize a baked potato bar at your location, contact Department of Corrections SHARE coordinator by replying to this email, or call 465-4640.

JCO Celebrates Leslie Houston’s DOC Term

Photo of Leslie Houston and Commissioner Schmidt addressing JCO staff

Photo of Leslie Houston and Commissioner Schmidt addressing JCO

Photo of Leslie Houston and Commissioner Schmidt addressing JCO staff

Photo of Leslie Houston receiving her shadowbox from Commissioner Schmidt and Director April Wilkerson

Leslie Houston’s last day as Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Corrections was Monday, June 30. Her six-year term with the department was celebrated by her JCO coworkers and Commissioner Joe Schmidt. Since joining the department in May 2008, Leslie has been in a leadership role for a number of key department milestones including:

  • Increase in AK Grown purchasing by 127 percent; assisted Alaska farmers as well as providing the freshest possible produce to the incarcerated population.
  • Stabilized relationships with rural communities by addressing their concerns.
  • Built the multi-year operating and capital projects to support the opening of Goose Creek Correctional Center from the soft ramp-up to full operations; successfully secured full funding from the legislature.
  • Regarding the DOC operating budget and capital budget, changed long-standing philosophies and made necessary internal adjustments resulting in not having to seek supplemental appropriations from the Legislature.
  • Successfully secured funding to support new boilers and equipment to continue the Alaska Marine Highway Laundry Service.
  • Guided data collection and reporting in all areas.
  • Established a high level of credibility and trust across communities, the legislature, and DOC staff.

Houston had particular praise for the department’s administrative staff. “Nothing could have been accomplished without strong section chiefs. This has been a team effort. It takes a great team.”

Houston moves to the Department of Health and Social Services where she will be a division director.

— Richard Schmitz

Procurement Specialist Mindy Bugayong Retires after 30 Years

The Juneau Central Office held a retirement potluck lunch in honor of Procurement Specialist Mindy Bugayong. Mindy worked for the department for the past 10 years following 20 years at the Department of Transportation. Mindy wrapped up her career by providing key assistance in moving the JCO from the Douglas Island Building to temporary quarters at the Bill Ray Center. Mindy’s position has been taken over by Frank Reyes.

Juneau Central Office Marks End of Era

Monday marks the beginning of the physical move of the Juneau Central Office from Douglas to a temporary location at the Bill Ray Center, which is located near the Federal Building in downtown Juneau. For the past few weeks, JCO staff have been separating that which is needed from that which is not. Furniture has been marked for storage, surplus or relocation. The move was needed in order to vacate the Douglas State Office Building for a 15-month, $18 million renovation which is set to begin around the end of April. In all, 43 DOC staff members will move. DOC moved into its current location in 1995. One of their first tasks was to scan thousands of pages of documents, allowing the original pages to be recycled or shredded.

Accounting Tech Rych Clime Honored by Alaska State Firefighters Association

Rych Clime honored

Rych Clime

Juneau Central Office Accounting Tech Rych Clime was honored for 20 years of service by the Alaska State Firefighters Association. The honor was presented on September 27th at the annual State Fire Conference in Anchorage.

“It’s always great to see my firefighting brothers and sisters from around the state convene in one spot/city at the annual conference/training,” Clime said. “At the banquet/awards night, I thought I was getting recognized on stage for helping with this year’s conference, helping the host conference folks (Anchorage, and Anchorage Fire Dept conference committee). Instead I was called up to the stage to be inducted into the Life Membership for 20 years of fire service for the State of Alaska. My fire captain and couple other ASFA board member helped me get nominated.”

Clime, who’s fire warden for the JCO, served as a volunteer firefighter with the Douglas fire station for 18 years.