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DOC/IRS Partnership Leading to Convictions

Check out this KTUU story when you have time.

This is a great example of the partnerships we have with Federal agencies like the IRS in enforcing laws for both those in and out of custody.

Alaska Department of Corrections officers and facility staff provided resources for cell searches, jail calls, and provided vast insight into the dynamics of prison life that led to convictions.

We appreciate you!


Pretrial, Probation, and Parole Supervision Week

As we in the Department of Corrections celebrate Pretrial, Probation, and Parole Supervision Week, we want to take a moment to highlight the very important work our probation and parole professionals do here in Alaska.

Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed as you strive to improve public safety and help offenders transition successfully back into their communities.

You take on many roles in the Division from inside the institutions to outside in the field, that requires working with all facets of society to make our world a better place.

Your passion and focus is making a difference and we want to express our deep gratitude and appreciation.

Thank you for your service!

DOC Torch Runs For Special Olympics

On May 21st more than 1000 participants, including hundred’s of Alaska Law Enforcement personnel ran simultaneous 5K’s in 13 Alaskan Communities.

Alaska Department of Corrections staff from Juneau, Palmer and Ketchikan were part of the amazing group of Alaska Law Enforcement who is trying to raise both awareness and funds for Special Olympics Alaska athletes. It is one of the largest simultaneous multi-community running events held in Alaska.

Thank You! We appreciate you!