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Administrative Professionals Day 2017

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!!!

A Very Big Thank You to all of our Alaska Department of Corrections Administrative Professionals statewide who go above and beyond to make sure Alaska DOC runs smoothly and succesfully.

Check out a few photos of some of the awesome Administrative Professionals around Alaska.

We appreciate you!

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Community Pretrial Division will save money, help low-level offenders, KTVF

Check out this KTVF Fairbanks story on the Alaska Department of Corrections new Fairbanks Community Pretrial Division


New K-9 Drug Detection Dogs To Be Used By DOC & DPS

Check out this Channel 2 News, KTUU story by Dan Carpenter on the new K-9 Drug Detection Dogs that are being trained to be utilized by Alaska Department of Corrections & Alaska State Troopers throughout Alaska.

DOC Nurse Jumps to the Rescue at Ice Carving Championships

After work on Wednesday, March 1st, Alaska Department of Corrections Health & Rehabilitation Services staff decided to go check out the 2017 BP World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks.

As they stopped to watch a carver use a chainsaw to put the finishing touches on a giant ice sculpture that was about 10 feet high, the vibrations from the chainsaw caused the entire structure to collapse on top of him and he was struck in the head by one of the pieces of falling ice.

Before anyone else could move Director of Nursing Kim Culross was at his side quickly assessing his injuries and talking with him to keep him calm while others called for EMS. The other carvers on his team estimated that the chunk that hit him in the head weighed about 100 pounds. Thankfully, it sounds like he is going to be ok but we are so proud of Nurse Culross who didn’t hesitate to jump in and take charge of a scary situation.

Thank you Kim! We appreciate one of DOC’s finest.

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