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DOC releases June drug seizure report

Our dedicated officers work daily to keep drugs out of our facilities. When drugs are discovered, they’re turned over to our Professional Conduct Unit (PCU) for further investigation.

PCU builds cases and works with other law enforcement entities — like the FBI – Federal Bureau of InvestigationDrug Enforcement Administration – DEA, and Alaska State Troopers (Official) — to go after drug traffickers.

Thank you to our dedicated employees for their work helping to build a Safer Alaska.


Tickets on sale: ‘Breaking the Cycle’ and discussion w/ Commissioner Williams about what Alaska can learn from Norway

Tickets are on sale for the screening of the hour-long documentary, “Breaking the Cycle” and a community conversation with Commissioner Dean Williams about what Alaska can learn from the Norway model.

In  the film, the Warden of Halden, Norway’s most humane prison, tours the U.S. prison system to urge a new approach emphasizing on rehabilitation. The documentary tells the story about Jan Strømnes, the deputy warden in the world’s most humane maximum-security prison, Halden Prison in Norway. Strømnes goes on a mission to change one of the most notorious prisons in the world – Attica Correctional Facility in New York State.

Buy tickets, here: https://ticketing.us.veezi.com/purchase/3683?siteToken=suuxCH9wIUGD05u30RvJ%2Fw%3D%3D . 


Corrections seeks alternatives to halfway houses

“Alaska’s Department of Corrections is starting to test alternatives to the halfway house system in an effort to reduce the number of offenders who commit new crimes after they’re released from prison.

Corrections Commissioner Dean Williams said it doesn’t make sense to keep doing things the same way, when the majority of prisoners cycle in and out of state custody,” KTOO reported Thursday. 

Read more, here.

Upcoming DOC events

The Department of Corrections is hosting two upcoming educational events. These are both open to staff and the public. We hope you’ll join us.

June 14, 2018 on Facebook Live: In the latest installment of Chit-Chat w/ Commissioner Williams, we’ll be discussing the expanding cannery work-release program and taking a virtual tour of the facility. By tapping into one of Alaska’s resources, DOC will be able to teach job skills and provide employment opportunities to individuals nearing the end of their sentences.

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July 23, 2018 at Bear Tooth: The Department of Corrections presents a screening of the documentary, “Breaking the Cycle.” The hour-long film follows the warden of Halden — Norway’s most humane prison that’s showing promising results — tours the U.S. prison system to discuss the importance of rehabilitation in incarceration.

The screening will follow a discussion and Q & A with Commissioner Dean Williams, Wildwood Superintendent Shannon McCloud, and more.

Tickets are $4. They go on sale online and in the box office July 10, 2018. Buy them, here.

More: https://www.facebook.com/events/195405034616625/permalink/195409167949545/

See you there!


After 56 years, Pastor Bill White retires

After 56 years working in prison ministries, Pastor Bill White has retired. This milestone is well-deserved, and we thank him from the bottom of our hearts for all that he’s done.

White, 84, was born in Tennessee. At 17, in 1950, he was called to the ministry. One year later, and until 1956, he served as a missionary in Palmer. There, he helped build the Church of God.

He met his wife, Margaret, while in Florida. The two tied the knot on June 8, 1957. Together, the newlyweds moved to Ketchikan, arriving on June 7, 1960. The Whites celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this past summer.

When Pastor White was just starting off in Ketchikan, he converted a two-bedroom warehouse, with about 20 members. More than five decades later, about 120 people attend his church.

All the while, Pastor White has been involved with prison ministries, and has spent decades ministering at the Ketchikan Correctional Center. He has been instrumental in raising up several other prison workers from his church, the Lighthouse Church of God, as well as encouraging and integrating other workers from the local Christian community. One of his members, Bruce Brown, has been conducting weekly Bible studies for over 40 years. Bruce came to know Christ through Pastor White’s ministry in Ketchikan in 1976.

At present there are several believers in the Ketchikan jail. Many who were saved in jail under Pastor White’s ministry are now active members of the Lighthouse Church of God or serving in other local churches in Ketchikan and across the nation.

There is no limit to Pastor White’s outreach. Pastor White gives love, respect and personal attention to inmates, and those who’ve been written off. Some of these inmates get few visitors, one being Pastor White on a regular basis.

Pastor White received the Chaplain Of The Year Award for 2005 from the Alaska State Chaplaincy Office. He has also received special recognition from the Church of God Prison Ministry Dept. Margaret was inducted into the Church of God International “Hall of Christian Excellence” for her service and ministry with Pastor White in Ketchikan.

Pastor White’s last official day was September 23, but he will remain as a religious provider.

Shortly before Pastor’s White’s retirement, Governor Walker penned him a congratulatory letter, which said: “Your heart of service has been clearly demonstrated as you filled a crucial role that included weekly ministry, being on call for death notifications, and recruiting and training volunteers, in addition to scheduling and leading services.

In addition to your service at KCC, your commitment to the community in Ketchikan is commendable. From the development of the Coal Bay Camp and Retreat, to the outreach work with the Ketchikan Ministerial Association, you have served Southeast Alaska well. The fruits of your labor and the legacy you have created will live on in your family, and in the people you have touched. Your steadfastness in service has set a positive example for future generations that will continue on in your retirement.”

Governor Walker, we couldn’t have said it any better.

Thank you, Pastor White. We’ll forever be grateful for your time, love, teachings, spirit, and dedication to you work.

Koda: A busy dog

This is Koda. He’s been working his tail off for the people of Alaska. He might be officially team DOC, but he’s been assisting other law enforcement agencies to help keep drugs out of our communities. In just the last six weeks, he’s discovered 2,043 grams, or 4.5 pounds, of methamphetamine and 20 grams of heroin.

Who’s a good boy?!

Can Alaska learn from Norway’s ‘radically humane’ prisons?

Commissioner Dean Williams recently visited Norway, with other Alaska leaders, to see what the Scandinavian country’s prison system does different. Read about a few of his takeaways, here: https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/crime-courts/2017/10/10/can-alaska-learn-from-norways-radically-humane-prisons/

Correctional Officers Week 2017: Lt. Harry Moore Talking About Correctional Officers

Celebrating Correctional Officer Week with Alaska Department of Corrections Correctional Officers statewide. Today we feature Lt. Harry Moore who talks about the many roles a Correctional Officer fills.

Thank you for your service, dedication, and committment to making our institutions safe and secure for inmates and staff.

We appreciate you!