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DOC working to stop drug and alcohol abuse in Nome

Alaska Department of Corrections staff participated in the” Chasing the Dragon” documentary discussion which was held at the Nome Eskimo Community building by representatives from the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration.

The focus was on opiods and other drug and alcohol abuse in the community and how we all need to team up to stop it.

This event also included several panel members from various agencies within and outside the community of Nome to include the Alaska State Troopers The Nome Police Department Norton Sound Health Corporationion, Kawerak, Office of Children’s Services, Nome District Attorney’s office, a student-representative from Nome Beltz High School, a federal prosecutor based in Anchorage, and members from the community.

Anvil Mountain Correctional Center Handles Emergency Smoothly

Check out this awesome message from the Superintendent from Anvil Mountain Correctional Center:

“On July 29th an inmate from Anvil Mountain Correctional Center was transported to Nortson Sound Regional Hospital by ambulance, then medivac’d to Anchorage with an escort for medical treatment from DOC prisoner transport staff.

This shift Sgt. Parra, Officer Ozenna, Officer O’Connor, Officer Tobuk, Nurse Polk-Grubb and responding Officers Tesar and PTO Hickerson handled this inmate medical emergency smoothly, safely and with a level of professionalism that was above and beyond.

These types of emergencies are not frequent, however, when they occur, it makes me proud to know that these professionals assisted in another’s safety and quality of life.

These are the unsung stories that the media never hears about!

This is also something that is unique to being a rural Alaskan correctional officer!”

Sandra Martinson
Superintendent, Anvil Mountain Correctional Center

Anvil Mountain Correctional Salmon Net Hanging Class

MCC Maintenance Generalist Corey Sockpealuk conducted a salmon sein-net hanging class for prisoners at Anvil Mountain Correctional Center in Nome.

Four participants in the class were taught how to construct a sein net for subsistence chum and silver salmon fishing.

In addition to his full time position at the facility, Maintenance Sockpealuk is also an active commercial fisherman in the salmon and king crab fisheries of Norton Sound.

Thank you Corey! We appreciate you!

Thank You Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries

Thank you Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries for your random act of kindness that positively impacted the inmate population and Anvil Mountain Correctional Center staff!

Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries generously donated 10 boxes of paperback books to help the AMCC depleted library.

There was a visible increase in inmate library attendance once the inmates learned there were new books in the library. Without a consistent Education Coordinator since December 2014, maintaining adequate and appropriate reading material in the library has been a challenge.

We appreciate you, Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries!

Nome-Beltz High School Career Fair

Photo of DOC staff at Nome-Beltz High School Career Fair

On February 12, 2015, Anvil Mountain Correctional Center and the Nome Probation Office participated in the 2015 Nome-Beltz High School Career Fair. Reaching over 180 students, Sgt. Bodine, CO O’Connor, PO Clarke, and CJT Fishel discussed the many rewarding careers offered at the Department of Corrections. The career fair was an opportunity for high school students to gain exposure to various careers available to them in the community.

AMCC Sergeant Honored for 10 Years’ Service

Photo of Sgt Tidwell  with shift coworkers

Anvil Mountain Correctional Center’s Sgt. John Tidwell was recently honored for his 10 years of service with the Department of Corrections. Prior to AMCC, he served 8 years at Fairbanks Correctional Center where he started his career. Currently Sgt. Tidwell is Shift Supervisor; pictured with him is his shift that works day in and night out: Officers Dwayne Koweluk, Nicholas Gray, Adam Lust, and Doug Buchanan.

— Officer Jennifer Oconnor

Anvil Mountain Correctional Officer Honored for Five Years’ Service

Photo of CO Bonham with shift coworkers

Correctional Officer Gregory Bonham was honored for five years’ service at AMCC in Nome. Officer Bonham is from Michigan and holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. He has a strong passion for hunting and fishing and Alaska has just that. Prior to AMCC, he started a career with the Nome Police Department in 2005. NPD sent him to the Alaska State Trooper Academy where he got his certification to become a Police Officer for Nome. Officer Bonham switched agencies and started at AMCC in September 2009. He is pictured with his shift: Correctional Officers Sherry Gilbert, Gilbert Ozenna, and Simon Powell, and Sgt. Jennifer Shannon.