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26 Spring Creek COs graduate Institutional Investigator course

DOC Investigators graduated 26 correctional officers from the two two-day Institutional Investigator training classes on October 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. The two teams of Correctional Officer Investigators learned criminal statutes, evidence preservation, collection, and criminal investigation tactics. Each team was broken up into groups and competed in crime scene response for their final test.

The crime scene involved a mock inmate-on- inmate assault where the investigators had to determine the size of the scene, the items to be preserved and collected, and what the evidence meant when it was all put together.

By the time the instructors left the facility, officers from the first class had already developed two real life criminal drug cases against inmates, which DOC Investigators will be putting together for possible criminal charges against one or more inmates.

This was some of the feedback we received from the graduates:

“Every Officer in the institution should do this class. Keep up the good work!” – COIII

“I loved the way the instructors broke down the criminal and death investigations in plain speak and made appropriate to our work as corrections officers.” – COII

“Give this class to the CO/PO academies!” – COII

“I feel a lot more confident about handling scene and evidence collection.” – COII