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DOC increases Valdez jail contract for sentenced EM supervision

From the Valdez Star: “Dean Williams, Alaska’s commissioner of the Dept. of Corrections, came to Valdez Thursday and signed an agreement with Valdez mayor Jeremy O’Neil that will allow low-level offenders to serve sentences via electronic monitoring rather than serving time in jail.

Williams said it is a big trajectory change for Valdez – and the Dept. of Corrections. Allowing lawbreakers to serve time at home gives local control over offenders rather than sending people to prison, which the commissioner said can be a university to teach criminal behavior.”

Read more, here: https://www.valdezstar.net/story/2018/10/10/law-enforcement/short-jail-sentences-now-eligible-for-monitoring-instead/2069.html?fbclid=IwAR0xAmYA_ZukveNyuVogq5Y-iNmET8jFgfqpEjMIyAr4ma2SCBzvGa9AwK4