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Meet Assistant Superintendent Marianna Miranda : How the DOC crew got their start in public service

Did you miss our #tbt from last week on Facebook?  We introduced Assistant Superintendent Marianna Miranda from Spring Creek Correctional Center. She’s worked at the Seward prison since 1995, but before that she thought she might take a different path.

In 1986, she attended school in Hawaii studying Travel Industry Management.

“That is when I was introduced to all things Aloha and fell in love with the place, traditions, food and especially the people. Going to school in Hawaii was and is such a huge part of who I am still to this day. I thoroughly enjoyed college and my time there. I thought it was the most perfect place on earth and still do vacationing with my family there as much as possible,” she explained.

(She even married her husband on a Kona beach.)

When she returned home to Alaska, she worked in the travel industry in Anchorage. She says she “stumbled” into her law enforcement career while working at a hotel in Valdez. The chief of police had an opening for a dispatcher and convinced her to apply.

“The Valdez Police Department was such a positive and supportive bunch to work with that soon I had the confidence to apply and work as a jailer for the City of Seward’s Jail. While working for the Valdez Police Department I attended the Departments Correctional Academy.”

A few years later, she moved to Seward and worked at the local jail until she started her career at Spring Creek.

“The rest is as they say, history,” Marianna said. “I didn’t plan a career in corrections or law enforcement for that matter, but I’m proud to have been given the opportunity to work with so many talented and dedicated individuals along the way.”

Thank you for your dedication to Alaskans, Marianna. We’re grateful for everyday of your service to this department, this state, and your community.

Are you a DOC employee interested in sharing your public service story? If so, email public information officer Megan Edge at megan.edge@alaska.gov.