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Meet Superintendent Lapinskas: How the DOC crew got their start in public service

Our organization is made up of all kinds of people, many with years or decades of dedicated public service under their belts. Our state is safer and stronger because of their knowledge and hearts for helping and protecting their communities.

Over the course of the following weeks and months, we’ll be telling the stories of our DOC family and sharing how they got their start in public service.

Take a look at that¬†#tbt¬†picture below; that’s Bill Lapinskas in 1988. At the time, he was a squad boss on the Chugach #1 Fire Crew and dispatched to Idaho. This picture was snapped in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness which is in the Nez Pearce National Forest.

A lot’s changed since then. Bill joined DOC in 1993 and worked his way up the ranks. Now, he’s the superintendent of the Spring Creek Correctional Center, our maximum-security prison in Seward.

But to do this day, Bill says his time as a wildland firefighter “was one of the most rewarding jobs I ever had.”

We’re so grateful to have Bill on our team. He’s a great leader, and his dedication to public service is nothing short of inspiring. Thanks for everything you do, Superintendent.