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Fairbanks COs awarded first Commissioner’s Awards

Three Fairbanks correctional officers received the first ever Commissioner’s Awards last week.

On June 19, 2017, Staff Sergeant Mark Benoit, and Officers James Beaudreault and Daniel Welch worked together to coordinate surveillance efforts and report a suspicious vehicle and suspect on the Fairbanks Correctional Center’s premises to local law enforcement.

This information greatly assisted law enforcement’s pursuit of an armed suspect located in the wood line surrounding the facility.
Through the direction of Staff Sergeant Benoit to his officers and timely communication with local law enforcement the incident was brought to a safe conclusion.

Thank you for your dedicated service to this state.


Commissioner Williams visits Southwest fish processing plant, explores possibilities

Earlier this week, Commissioner Dean Williams had the opportunity to visit a fish processing plant in Ekuk, just outside of Dillingham, with the facility’s owner, Jerry Hall, and PO Rexford Spofford. Commissioner Williams is exploring the idea of allowing inmates, near the end of their sentence, an opportunity to work at the camp during the fishing season.

Employment remains an important strategy to reduce the high recidivism rate of returning citizens.

Koda: A busy dog

This is Koda. He’s been working his tail off for the people of Alaska. He might be officially team DOC, but he’s been assisting other law enforcement agencies to help keep drugs out of our communities. In just the last six weeks, he’s discovered 2,043 grams, or 4.5 pounds, of methamphetamine and 20 grams of heroin.

Who’s a good boy?!

DOC awarded Second Chance grant

The Alaska Department of Corrections (DOC) is pleased to announce that earlier this month we were awarded a $100,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs and Bureau of Justice Assistance that will help us better fight and lower the state’s recidivism rate.

As Alaska’s criminal justice reform efforts continue to expand, and the state combats growing crime rates and an opioid epidemic, the Second Chance Act Statewide Adult Recidivism Reduction Strategic Planning Program grant will enhance DOC’s ability to do our part in creating a stronger and safer Alaska.

This grant will give us a chance to realign and focus our recidivism reduction efforts with our many community partners, who are crucial to the reentry process and reform efforts, while also allowing us to research the drivers of recidivism, establish Alaska’s recidivism reduction goals, review the alignment of existing DOC programs and policies with evidence-based practices, and develop a strategic plan to reach our recidivism reduction goals.

After a year of strategic plan development, DOC will apply for the second phase of the grant, which could allot up to $3 million for the plan’s implementation.

Currently, about two-thirds of people released from incarceration return to prison. This statistic has impacts far and wide across Alaska. The work we’ll be able to start and enhance with this funding will help us further build a solid foundation for reentry services that will help slow down the seemingly ever-revolving door of incarceration.

Can Alaska learn from Norway’s ‘radically humane’ prisons?

Commissioner Dean Williams recently visited Norway, with other Alaska leaders, to see what the Scandinavian country’s prison system does different. Read about a few of his takeaways, here: https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/crime-courts/2017/10/10/can-alaska-learn-from-norways-radically-humane-prisons/