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DOC talks reentry at Bear Tooth

Corrections and criminal justice is a complex beast, sometimes hard to explain and hard to understand. So last week we did something a little bit different — we decided to host and start a community conversation about what it takes for someone to be successful in society after being released from prison.

In Alaska, two out of three individuals recidivate after release from incarceration. Collateral consequences are large and impact every community throughout the state. One successful reentrant empowers not only themselves, but also their children and families. Their success directly affects ours; when we help a transitioning individual, we are helping our neighbors, our local businesses and ultimately the place we all call home. This is a hand-up not a hand-out; they cannot do it alone.

We want to thank everyone from the community who attended. We hope this was just the start of a much larger conversation about reentry, and that it was just one of many conversations between DOC and the community.

A big shout of to our panelists; Professionals from Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc., Alaska Ironworkers, New Life Development-Anchorage, and Alaska Public Media, and the three reentrants who clawed their way through the criminal justice system. Thank you, your work and determination is inspiring.




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