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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes 2017: Walk a Mile flyer/Donation Page

Correctional Officers and DOC staff,

Hello all! It’s that time of year again where Correctional Officers take on the challenge of the dreaded MILE! No, not the mile in your housing units, but for a great cause. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s nearly time to don your heels for the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fundraising event!! This fantastic event is put on by Standing Together Against Rape. The event will again be hosted by DJ Don Megga and broadcast live on KFAT 92.9

The Correctional Officers have been a part of the walk for the last 4 years and in that short time have taken 2nd place twice and last year won 1st place in donations!

The Alaska State Troopers were devastated. (They had won every other year previously.) With your help, we could not only repeat but make this year our biggest turn out ever!

If you would like to participate and don’t have heels? No worries! Please contact me! Just give me you name and shoe size. STAR will provide you with heels to walk in! If you would like to donate, please click on the link I have provided. Not a C.O.? No problem! It is a family event! Come on down to the @University Center Mall on April 29th at 11:30am. The walk starts at High Noon! Walk with us or watch the event. It’s a hilariously good time! It would be a great honor if you would join us in this much needed event! Thank you for all your help and support!! Stay safe!

As Correctional Officers “We Walk Alaska’s Toughest Beat”. We will show our support by “Walking a Mile in Her Shoes”.

Officer Tommy Quinlan

Correctional Officer Fundraising Page 2017


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