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Wildwood Correctional Complex 2016 Employees of the Year

Each year, Alaska Department of Corrections Wildwood Correctional Complex selects its Employees of the Year.

Nominations are submitted by the entire staff and selected by an employee selection committee.

Employees are selected for demonstrated professional duty performance, service to the state and Wildwood Correctional Complex and the support and assistance provided to their fellow employees.

The winners for 2016 are Correctional Officer Sergeant Brian Johnson and Correctional Officer Max Stanton.

Sergeant Johnson, a 11 year Department of Corrections employee and Officer Stanton, a 12 year veteran of the department were selected for the award because they have been consistent, strong performers, both team players with good attitudes, a balanced demeanor, commitment to professionalism, and their ability to interact well with staff and prisoners alike.

Both Correctional Officer Sergeant Johnson and Officer Stanton are positive role models and greatly contribute to an effective work force and a positive work environment.

We appreciate you!

Sgt. Brian Johnson

brian johnson 2016 eoy.jpg

Officer Max Stanton

max stanton 2016 eoy.jpg