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Spring Creek & Wildwood Correctional Officers Step Up To Save Lives

A Big Shout Out and Thank You to Alaska Department of Corrections Correctional Officers at Spring Creek Correctional and Wildwood Correctional!

A number of officers live outside the Seward & Kenai area and make the drive from Anchorage, Kenai, and the Valley on a regular basis. And as you know the hazards and reputation the Seward Highway has, it can be a very dangerous drive for many reasons.

On the evening of December 7th at about Mile 41 of the Seward Highway, a DOC correctional officer was one of the first on scene of a very serious vehicle accident. Two vehicles in a head on collision with heavy entrapment and one vehicle was on fire. The fire was being extinguished by a passing truck driver.

Within what seemed like only a few minutes, there were five officers from Spring Creek Correctional and an officer from Wildwood Correctional (heading to work). Everyone worked very well together to best care for and comfort the victims. There was no panic or chaos and all worked together as a team. An EMT from Seward arrived and the officers quickly became a gang of six. Other bystanders were put to work as well.

When the volunteers from Moose Pass arrived the DOC officers became their muscles and their gophers. The Assistant Chief from Moose Pass was very impressed with how they alll worked together and made it a point to thank them all personally. The DOC officers were going back and forth getting tools and supplies as they were requested. After the patients were removed from the vehicles and placed in the ambulances (Cooper Landing & Girdwood) the officers continued to assist responders, cleaning and picking up tools.

This is an example of the professionalism and dedication that goes on statewide and why there is no ‘I” in team in DOC.

Thank You Officers for stepping up and helping those in dire need. We appreciate your selfless acts of courage in the midst of danger.

Picture One from Left to Right:

Ofc. Matthew Montavon (Spring Creek)

Ofc. Colleen Jones (Spring Creek)

Ofc. Eric Granquist (Spring Creek)

Ofc. James Shackelford (Spring Creek)

Ofc. Zachary Methvin (Spring Creek)

Picture Two: Ofc. Daniel Kurka (Wildwood)

spring creek seward highway rescue pic 1.jpg

wildwood seward highway rescue pic 2.jpg