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Sgt. Kitter honored for Law, Order, and Safety

Sergeant Doreen Kitter was honored recently at the Law, Order and Safety Appreciation Banquet at the Palmer Elks Lodge.

As the Records Sergeant at Mat Su Pre Trial, She was nominated to receive honors for her commitment to professionalism and dedication to her department.

Sergeant Kitter is a highly respected sergeant by her peers, supervisors and the Mat-Su Valley Law Enforcement Community. Her dedicated work in the records department interrupting court documents working with the courts and enforcement agencies ensuring individuals arriving back from court, that their court documents are checked for accuracy. She is responsible for insuring that their time accounting is accurate, if they are time served or remain in DOC custody. She doubles helping out the probation department, also the booking area when no female officers are available conducting intakes on newly remanded individuals.

Because of the dedication to her position, she is one of DOC’s top time accounting sergeants in the department today. Sergeant Doreen Kitter, on behalf of the department and Mat-Su Pretrial thank you for all your support and dedication in making the Mat-Su Valley a safer place. We appreciate you!