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Spring Creek Correctional Center Intro to Business

Back in April, thirteen inmates at Spring Creek Correctional Center started an Introduction to Business class led by inmate Michael Lawson.

Following a syllabus that he wrote himself, Mr. Lawson used a variety of textbooks to teach his students about subjects ranging from writing a business plan to bankruptcy law. The purpose of the class was to prepare his students to pass the Introduction to Business exam from DSST. DSST exams are credit-by-examination tests that act as a way for non-traditional students to earn college credits.

Over the next few months, the class lost a few students here and there, but the majority remained to take their final exam on June 15.

After what felt like a long and arduous wait for the students, the results finally came in, and they were a success!

Passing the Introduction to Business exam through DSST represents, not only a personal achievement for the inmates, but means three college credits for them as well. The general consensus of the students was positive. Inmate Hodges says, “I took my case while still being in high school, so it was encouraging to know I’m capable of completing college classes and I want to continue to get a degree.” Other comments were complimentary to education, the teacher, and TIME Club for financial supporting this opportunity.

The inmates who completed the class were left to right, Carl Thompson, Lanolan Anderson, Dillon Hodges, Sean Jeffers, Nicholas Showers-Glover, Demond Snowden, Delano Hall, Keith Ferguson, and Christopher Kirlin. Instructor Michael Lawson stands next to PO III Monica Hinders in the back row.