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Anvil Mountain Correctional Center Handles Emergency Smoothly

Check out this awesome message from the Superintendent from Anvil Mountain Correctional Center:

“On July 29th an inmate from Anvil Mountain Correctional Center was transported to Nortson Sound Regional Hospital by ambulance, then medivac’d to Anchorage with an escort for medical treatment from DOC prisoner transport staff.

This shift Sgt. Parra, Officer Ozenna, Officer O’Connor, Officer Tobuk, Nurse Polk-Grubb and responding Officers Tesar and PTO Hickerson handled this inmate medical emergency smoothly, safely and with a level of professionalism that was above and beyond.

These types of emergencies are not frequent, however, when they occur, it makes me proud to know that these professionals assisted in another’s safety and quality of life.

These are the unsung stories that the media never hears about!

This is also something that is unique to being a rural Alaskan correctional officer!”

Sandra Martinson
Superintendent, Anvil Mountain Correctional Center