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YKCC Community Fishing

The US Fish and Wildlife service opened the Kuskokwim for fishing for a 2nd time. This time the weather was calm, hot and humid. Though tired and weary from his own fishing CO Archie Andrew took to the water to give back to the community with his auspicious outside work crew. Fishing on its own is physically draining but mentally it is refreshing to the soul knowing that we are providing for ourselves and our people.

This time they had some precious cargo with them, our very own Superintendent L. Dean Marshall, who despite his busy schedule took time from his work to join the men in working and giving back to the community.

The coho (silver) salmon was divided up and well received by recipients and residents of the Lulu Heron Assisted living center in Bethel which houses elders in varying degrees of disability who live only 50-75 miles from family, but in the Y-K Delta it might as well be a life time away, with expensive airfare tickets and limited income from either disability or retirement checks that they receive they can hardly afford to fly back home. The gift of salmon to these elders is priceless to have a taste of their food, none of the parts went to waste, every part of the fish were taken by the elders, including the heads and eggs.