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YKCC Spotlight Nurse Laura Denny

Nurse Laura Denny is one of the outstanding medical professionals working at the Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center in Bethel, Alaska. She has been working for the Alaska Department of Corrections since September 2015.

Nurse Denny moved to Alaska from Arizona in May 2014. She and her husband came to Alaska from Arizona, where she worked in a busy 50-bed telemetry unit in a local hospital. Prior to becoming a nurse, Laura worked as a Medical Assistant in a pediatric private practice as well as a postpartum unit in an Arizona hospital.

Nurse Denny started working in Corrections at the 1500-bed Arizona State Prison Complex in Winslow, Arizona. She often worked alone, so she had to learn how to handle a wide range of medical issues with little assistance. As she describes it, “she had to learn quickly in a sink or swim environment!”

Staff describes Nurse Denny as being very organized and efficient. They are especially appreciative of her ability to processes the medical screenings quickly, making room for incoming remands. Other comments include the following: “That woman there is good at everything; Abstracts, med call, you name it, she gets it done. She is not allowed to leave shift 3 and 4 rotation. We appreciate everything you do. Thank you Nurse Denny!”