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YKCC Community Fishing

The US Fish and Wildlife service opened the Kuskokwim for fishing for a 2nd time. This time the weather was calm, hot and humid. Though tired and weary from his own fishing CO Archie Andrew took to the water to give back to the community with his auspicious outside work crew. Fishing on its own is physically draining but mentally it is refreshing to the soul knowing that we are providing for ourselves and our people.

This time they had some precious cargo with them, our very own Superintendent L. Dean Marshall, who despite his busy schedule took time from his work to join the men in working and giving back to the community.

The coho (silver) salmon was divided up and well received by recipients and residents of the Lulu Heron Assisted living center in Bethel which houses elders in varying degrees of disability who live only 50-75 miles from family, but in the Y-K Delta it might as well be a life time away, with expensive airfare tickets and limited income from either disability or retirement checks that they receive they can hardly afford to fly back home. The gift of salmon to these elders is priceless to have a taste of their food, none of the parts went to waste, every part of the fish were taken by the elders, including the heads and eggs.

Spring Creek Correctional Center Employee of the Year

Spring Creek Correctional Center celebrated their Employee of the Year Luncheon at the Peking Restaurant in Seward. We had a great turnout of employees from Spring Creek and were further fortunate to have in attendance the Speaker of the House Mike Chenault.

This year’s employee of the year is Officer Jeremy Sandy who is a Correctional Officer II at Spring Creek Correction Center (SCCC) in Seward. He has been employed at the Center since March 2013 and works in the Restricted Housing Unit.

Officer Sandy is an exceptionally competent officer and a pleasure to work with. He has a “can do” attitude and is supported by his team. Communication is the key ingredient to a skilled officer and he does it well working with this population. He is admired by the examples he sets, his job performance, his integrity and his work ethic.

Officer Sandy is a role model for his peers and the new staff who are under FTO training in House One. They look to him for advice and the working knowledge to improve performance. As a junior officer, he completed the Range Officer course, is on the Spring Creek SORT Team, and strives to better himself on a daily basis. Officer Sandy is often the first responder in an incident and is physically and mentally strong to handle the situation with excellent professionalism and with an extraordinary attitude.

Often this work environment can have a dismissal and negative atmosphere, but SCCC strives to shine a little light on the men and women of Corrections who work to keep the community safe.

Congratulations SCCC and Officer Sandy! We appreciate you!

YKCC Spotlight Nurse Laura Denny

Nurse Laura Denny is one of the outstanding medical professionals working at the Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center in Bethel, Alaska. She has been working for the Alaska Department of Corrections since September 2015.

Nurse Denny moved to Alaska from Arizona in May 2014. She and her husband came to Alaska from Arizona, where she worked in a busy 50-bed telemetry unit in a local hospital. Prior to becoming a nurse, Laura worked as a Medical Assistant in a pediatric private practice as well as a postpartum unit in an Arizona hospital.

Nurse Denny started working in Corrections at the 1500-bed Arizona State Prison Complex in Winslow, Arizona. She often worked alone, so she had to learn how to handle a wide range of medical issues with little assistance. As she describes it, “she had to learn quickly in a sink or swim environment!”

Staff describes Nurse Denny as being very organized and efficient. They are especially appreciative of her ability to processes the medical screenings quickly, making room for incoming remands. Other comments include the following: “That woman there is good at everything; Abstracts, med call, you name it, she gets it done. She is not allowed to leave shift 3 and 4 rotation. We appreciate everything you do. Thank you Nurse Denny!”

From Lemon Creek to the Basketball Court, Probation Officer Gives Back

Lemon Creek Correctional Probation Officer Katie Sullivan aka Sully has been involved in the Special Olympics Juneau Basketball Team for many years. The team travels to Anchorage every June and this year they won gold. It’s not that they won the gold medal that makes this important, it’s because of Sully’s years of dedication to the team. Thank you Sully for your commitment to the Juneau community. We appreciate you!

TLC Graduation

On May 23rd, 2016 Palmer Correctional Center (PCC) held a Transformation Living Community (TLC) graduation. Reverend Duncan, the statewide Chaplaincy Coordinator, attended the graduation and spoke as the guest graduation speaker. His speech was motivational, thought provoking and humorous for those in attendance. The following inmates graduated from TLC: David Anderson, David Hesch, Heath Olin, and Dale Ohler. A special thanks to TLC Director Dana Goodwater, and TLC Program Counselors Paul Schindler and Phil Markwart and we wish the graduates much success in their future!