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LCCC Employee Wellness Event

Lemon Creek Correctional Center held their inaugural, Employee Wellness Committee Silent Auction and BBQ on May 4th and 5th.

Guests had the opportunity to bid on various goods and services including:

  • Photographic prints by Bruce Massey and Brian Weed
  • Ocean Fishing trips donated by Sgt. Tricen Headings & Sgt. Jeremy Finlayson, Ron Shriver and newly retired Sgt. Ken Patten.
  • Personal work out training with Officer Mike Moniak
  • Pies by CO Shari Mullen
  • GoPro donated by Lt. Ken Hoff
  • Whale watching tour with PO Regan Tweedy
  • Biking tour with CO Rick Slater
  • Mechanic services by CO Rob Corcoran
  • House Painting by CO Andrew Scalf
  • Yard Work by Counselor Malcolm Nichols
  • Snagging Fundamentals with pro salmon snagger Sgt. Tony Malacas
  • TONS of food donated by the Staff of LCCC

The entire event was orchestrated by the tireless efforts of:
President – Lydia O’Leary
Vice Looper – Lauren Looper
Treasurer – Regan Tweedy

The food was awesome, with friendly company and a family atmosphere. The LCCC employee wellness committee raised over $1400.00 to be used as seed money in their goal of hosting many more of these type of events to ultimately enhance the morale and well-being of LCCC employees.