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Nurses Week Spotlight: Nurse Brenda Timmer

As we celebrate Nurses Week in Alaska, each day this week we will highlight a nurse from the Alaska Department of Corrections.

In the official proclamation Alaska Governor Bill Walker called Alaskan nurses, “a community treasure, as they bring compassion, understanding, and comfort to patients while using their knowledge and skills to deliver medical care.”

Nurse Brenda Timmer is a strong nurse and an asset to Fairbanks Correctional Center medical. On top of her job at FCC, Nurse Timmer is also a super-user of the electronic health record, and spent a week at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center entering data and assisting in any capacity needed.

Nurse Timmer is firm, fair, and consistent in her approach to correctional nursing. She is an asset to FCC medical, using her knowledge and computer skills for the betterment of the medical department. Nurse Timmer is always willing to pitch in where she is needed, picking up extra shifts, doing extra computer work, and offering her opinion often.

Nurse Timmer arrives early, works hard, and completes work tasks before the end of her shift (usually before noon). Her co-workers rely on her knowledge and skills.

Nurse Timmer we appreciate you!