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CO Week Spotlight: Officer Selah Rash

As we continue to celebrate Correctional Officers Week and our outstanding Correctional Officers across the state, today we highlight Officer Selah Rash who works at Goose Creek Correctional Center.

Officer Rash began working at the Goose Creek Correctional Center in 2014. During the time Officer Rash has been here, she has made quite an impact. She is currently part of the FTO program, helping new correctional officers just beginning their careers. She is a member of the Goose Creek Correctional Center SORT team, where she has received specialized training and certifications to further her knowledge and skills. She is also a member of the Employee Wellness Committee program. Officer Rash accepts these extra responsibilities with the upmost of humility.

Many of the officers at GCCC are dedicated to physical fitness. Officer Rash is a Certified Personal Trainer. Officer Rash offers her expertise in this field and trains members on her shift during her lunch break. Officer Rash is highly respected by everyone that she deals with.

Thank you Officer Rash for your positive influence and your dedicated service to GCCC, the State of Alaska and the Alaska Department of Corrections.

We appreciate you!