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CO Week Spotlight: Sgt. Doreen Kitter

As we continue to celebrate Correctional Officers Week and our outstanding Correctional Officers across the state, today we highlight Sergeant Doreen Kitter who started her career with the Alaska Department of Corrections at Mat-Su Pre-Trial in January 2008.

As a CO I/II, Sergeant Kitter performed all duties within the facility which include rover, Booking Officer and Control Room Operator. She promoted to Sergeant (Shift Supervisor) in December 2012 and 6 months later became the Records Sergeant.

Sergeant Kitter is MSPT’s Record Sergeant and considered one of the top, Time Accounting Officers for the Department.

Sergeant Kitter is known for her high level of dedication and excellence in all she does. She displays a professional manner at all times and is known for her positive attitude. She remains calm under pressure and never hesitates to step in when needed on shift.

Her work ethic, professionalism and dedication resulted in her selection to Mat-Su Pre-Trial Employee of the Year for 2012.

Sergeant Kitter in her off time from work loves to spend time with family camping, hunting, fishing and hanging out with the family pets her dogs.

We appreciate you Sergeant Kitter!