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DOC Goose Creek Barber School

<p<cutting for success one head at a time, check out this story on Goose Creek Correctional's Barber School that's teaching inmates skills and giving them hands on training to become licensed professionals when they get out.

It’s one of many amazing programs that lowers recidivism in Alaska.

Two recent graduates who were released had some of the highest scores ever on the State of Alaska exam and now work at two barber shops in Anchorage.

Palmer Correctional Center Dual Diagnosis Program Has First Ever Graduation

Congratulations to the first ever graduates of the Palmer Correctional Center’s (PCC) Dual Diagnosis program. The PCC Dual Diagnosis program is an outpatient substance abuse treatment program for offenders with mental health issues, as well as substance abuse related issues.

There were eight graduates who successfully completed the 24 week program. The graduation ceremony consisted of inmates who were joined by family and friends and involved them sharing insights they had learned and practices they plan to continue to implement into their daily lives. The floor was also open for staff and visitors to inquire about personal growth and prompted the graduates for suggestions to continually improve the program to best assist inmates in their success. The celebration concluded with guests giving encouraging words, congratulations, and program graduates being awarded certificates.

We celebrate the graduates success and give best wishes to you and those who follow in the footsteps of graduating from the PCC Dual Diagnosis program in the future.

Back row (left to right): IOPSAT DD Coordinator Daniel Davis, Lawrence Starkloff, Adrian Genet, Alvin Archa
Front row (left to right): Phillip Barajas, Carl Nunn, Khonephet Lavivong, Caleb Gorsline

Back row (left to right): IOPSAT DD Coordinator Daniel Davis, Lawrence Starkloff, Adrian Genet, Alvin Archa
Front row (left to right): Phillip Barajas, Carl Nunn, Khonephet Lavivong, Caleb Gorsline

Correctional Officers “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” to Stop Rape and Sexual Assaults in Alaska

Alaska Department of Corrections Correctional Officers “Walked A Mile In Her Shoes” to stand up and stop rape and sexual assaults in Alaska and to raise money for Star Alaska!

This awesome team led by Officer Tommy Quinlan raised the most money this year beating out the Alaska State Troopers!

Way go to TEAM DOC! We appreciate you!

Spring Creek’s Hobby Shop Creates Firefighter Memorials

It’s 1941. Late November in Alaska. As America is about to plunge into World War II, the small port town and railroad hub of Seward sees its three-digit population swell by nearly 3500 officers and enlisted men. The Seward Fire Hall receives a brand new, cherry red, state-of-the-art, 1941 Ford Engine. And a fire rages down 4th Avenue. At least 16 buildings are engulfed in the town’s business district. For the truck, a virtual trial by fire.

It’s 2015. An unusually warm winter in Alaska. Seward Fire Department’s Morgan Woodard, a volunteer firefighter, dreams of creating a memorial for SFD’s firefighters. He remembers seeing a miniature replica of an engine created by Donald Seek, an inmate and a member of Spring Creek’s Hobby Shop.

“Morgan crawled all over old Engine 41, in the back garage, to provide Mr. Seek with photos,” said Janice Melvin, the department’s secretary.

Mr. Seek, the master craftsman, was assisted by other members of the Hobby Shop. Randall Smith and Kirby Anthoney helped with metal and wood work, and some detail work was provided by Carl Abhul, Noel Fears, James Hemingway, and Michael James. This collaborative effort was another example of the Hobby Shop at its finest.

According to Melvin, the plan is to make small, brass plates engraved with names for those members who have departed. The result will be an incredible piece of art that will be cherished for generations to come.

And a dream realized.

The fire engine will be displayed at the Seward Fire Department.

Corrections Academy #130 Celebrates Graduation

Please welcome the newest graduates from Alaska Department of Corrections Academy #130 to the Alaska DOC ranks.

After more than 200 hours of training that included Valuing Diversity, Communications, Search and Seizure, Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, Use of Force, Emergency Plans, and Incident Command, 27 new Correctional Officers participated in a graduation at the Matanuska-Susitna Borough building in front of family, friends, and DOC staff from all over the state.

The valedictorian for Academy #130 was Officer Baggett from Spring Creek Correctional Complex and Officers Allen and Pitt from Spring Creek Correctional Complex delivered the inspirational class speech and the Correctional Officers Code of Ethics respectively.

Entering as individuals, the students of Academy #130 departed as a cohesive unit determined to become leaders and make a positive impact in the Department of Corrections and the Alaskan

Denali Peak Award Nominees

We wanted to recognize a few of our Alaska Department of Corrections employees who went above and beyond to respond to a critical situation and who were nominated for the Governor’s Denali Peak Performance Award.

On March 11, 2016, a four year old boy reported to the Anchorage Probation Office with a probationer. The probationer reported that the boy was left in his custody for two days, after the boy’s father told the probationer that he was out looking for his next fix. The probationer felt that something needed to be done because the home was full of needles and other paraphernalia.

Anchorage Probation Officers Katie Perry (PO II), Travis Morris (PO II), Christina Berggren (PO II), Ann Quinn (PO II), Lana Grist (PO II), Dwayne Hanson (PO III) divided and conquered this unusual situation. Custody was taken care of the boy by some of the officers by feeding him while the other officers conducted a home visit. It was confirmed that there were drugs, needles, and other drug paraphernalia in the home and it was not a safe environment.

The Office of Children’s Services were contacted to handle the well being of the young boy. The immediate action by these Anchorage Probation Officers in the caring of this child kept him safe and avoided any further neglect.

Thank you for your service! We appreciate you!

Thank You Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries

Thank you Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries for your random act of kindness that positively impacted the inmate population and Anvil Mountain Correctional Center staff!

Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries generously donated 10 boxes of paperback books to help the AMCC depleted library.

There was a visible increase in inmate library attendance once the inmates learned there were new books in the library. Without a consistent Education Coordinator since December 2014, maintaining adequate and appropriate reading material in the library has been a challenge.

We appreciate you, Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries!

DOC in the News

Below are two recent links from the Alaska Dispatch News and KTVA on their coverage of Pt. Mackenzie Correctional Farm and how the Alaska Department of Corrections is helping to feed Alaska’s hungry.

Thank you to the awesome staff out at Pt. Mackenzie and Goose Creek for your help.



Spring Creek Interdepartment Medical Emergency Response Training

Several medical and security staff from Spring Creek Correctional Center along with the Alaska State Troopers & Federal Forestry attended training provided by the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services “Bleeding Control for the injured (B-Con). Participants were taught skills to control bleeding of an seriously injured person. Students performed hands on training and applied tourniquets to control bleeding on one another, pressure dressings, and filled wounds to stop the bleeding. Also as an aid to the training was a simulated bleeding wound station setup that kept bleeding until the dressing was applied correctly. This was great training for many agencies for their work place as well as their efforts in public safety and emergency response.