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DOC Welcomes Canine Marley to the Drug Detection Team

Congratulations to Prisoner Transportation Officer Lynn Hays and Drug Detection Dog Marley on their successful certification as the Alaska Department of Corrections first certified Drug Detection Team! They successfully completed an intensive AST Academy and were certified with the AST teams at the end of the course. Our team is now available to conduct official drug searches at our Facilities, Field Offices, Community Residential Centers, Prisoner Work sites or any other DOC area.

Canine Marley is trained to search areas. He will not be used to search people. Security staff will have to be present with the team for all searches. Marley is trained to sit, when he detects drugs! An onsite Correctional Officer or Probation Officer will conduct an actual search, secure the evidence, initiate the chain of custody and write the reports for possible disciplinary and/or criminal proceedings.

The addition of this team to our department brings a real boost to our capabilities in the area of drug suppression in our facilities and field offices. Lieutenant Jimmie Wallace is the supervisor and coordinator for all Detection Team duties. Again, a well-deserved congratulation to Officer Hays and Canine Marley!