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Baked Potato Bar Raises $320 for SHARE Campaign

Photo of loaded baked potato at Juneau Central Office's Potato Bar

Expertly topped baked potato enjoyed by staff at JCO

The Juneau Central Office raised $320 for the 2014 SHARE Campaign with a baked potato bar Thursday, Oct. 9th. The potatoes were provided, cleaned, and sorted by Goose Creek Correctional Center, from the Point Mackenzie Farm. Once brought to Juneau, the spuds were expertly baked in the commercial ovens at Lemon Creek Correctional Center. The fresh Alaska-grown spuds drew praise for their excellent taste! Three pans of potatoes were sold for eating on site to taking home for dinner or baked potato soup. Dianne Godkin organized condiments and assisted in transporting the potatoes to the fund-raiser and returning the pans to the LCCC kitchen. Trevor Cox, food service lead at LCCC, organized the preparation and baking. Their assistance is greatly appreciated.

The SHARE Campaign is the Alaska state employee’s charitable giving program. The campaign offers a variety of giving options as well as privacy and security. Donations are accepted in a variety of ways including via payroll deduction, check, cash, and credit card. Payroll deduction is the most popular method of giving for the simple reason that a small amount can be deducted from each pay period contributing to a much larger gift overall than many of us could afford upfront.

If you’d like to organize a baked potato bar at your location, contact Department of Corrections SHARE coordinator by replying to this email, or call 465-4640.