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Training Academy Conducts Basic Rifle, PO Firearms, Basic Shotgun Certification Courses; Update on CO Academy 125

Training is an ongoing process of learning, teaching, and the application of what one has learned or taught. Always seek opportunities to learn new skills or train with the skills that you have. The Training division has been working to provide training opportunities for our employees. During the month of August a Basic Rifle course was held with 20 students attending. This week long block of instruction was entertaining and challenging for the participants. All 20 students passed receiving a 40 hour Basic Rifle Course certification. During the week the students were exposed to the concepts of basic marksmanship, shooting on the move, operating as a team, moving from one point of cover to another and safe weapons operation. The students were also exposed to the mud, wind, rain, and yes a little bit of sunshine. All in all they had a very good week.

Good Training never takes a break; right on the heels of the Basic Rifle Course Probation Officers from across the state gathered for the PO firearms recertification. Two days of nice weather and some good training concerning cover and concealment, deployment from a vehicle, and team tactics were covered. This was a great opportunity to roll out the new qualification course. Positive feedback was received and everyone who attended passes with the required 90 % qualification score for firearms instructors.

A few days later CO Academy 125 hit the shotgun range for a week of basic shotgun manipulation and qualification. During the week of training we see students develop confidence, and a mindset of survival. As trainers and line coaches we see students helping and encouraging each other learning how to work as a team to accomplish common goals. This carries over into the working relationships they develop through the years with coworkers. The concept of teamwork is imparted early in the academy and remains a theme throughout their training and hopefully their careers. Other courses offered in the academy include communications, report writing, mental health and suicide prevention, substance abuse issues, diversity training and direct supervision just to name a few.

CO Academy 125 will be graduating on Friday September 26, 2014 as always family, friends and staff is encouraged to attend. Graduation will be held at Palmer Municipal Building located at 350 E. Dahlia Street in Palmer, Alaska. As stated earlier training never takes a break, CO Academy 126 will began Monday September 29, 2014. Currently there are 40 students enrolled in this session. We look forward to the training and development of these 40 new officers.

—PO III Caroline Stevens