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Training Academy Conducts Firearms Instructor/Range Officer Recertification

During the second week in June the DOC Training Academy conducted Firearms Instructor/Range Officer recertifications. A new 50-round DOC pistol qualification was presented to the firearms instructors. This will also be presented to the Field Division during their annual recertification in August. It was received with enthusiasm and positive comments. During this three day workshop a new shotgun range officer course was rolled out. This allows the Firearms Instructors who have successfully completed a 40 hour shotgun course to develop new Range Officers and recertify existing Range Officers. This three day workshop was the first of its kind and was well received. All 21 Firearms Instructors from across the state who attended passed with a score of 90 percent or higher. These Firearms Instructors are well trained individuals and a tremendous asset to our department. If anyone has questions regarding the DOC firearms program please seek them out and pick their brains, they are a wealth of knowledge.

— PO III Caroline Stevens