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Yukon-Kuskokwim Marks Retirements, Anniversary

On April 30th Yukon-Kuskokwim Correctional Center said goodbye to a wealth of institutional knowledge as the retirement of four staff members was honored. These staff members served the Department well, and their experience will be missed. The staff and many citizens of the Bethel Community wished them happiness and success at a retirement luncheon. Each received plaques from the staff at YKCC and the Alaska Correctional Officers Association. Assistant Superintendent Hoffman served as the Acting Superintendent at YKCC for the past year, and was presented with a special award from the Director’s Office. Deputy Director Lee Sherman came to Bethel to congratulate each of the staff as they transition into civilian life. In addition, Probation Officer II Barbara Ramos was recognized with a letter and a service pin from Governor Parnell, for her 25-years of dedicated state service. The honorees are: Assistant Superintendent James “Bobby” Hoffman (14-years) Retired; CO III Michael Rapoza (24-years) Retired; CO II Carol Peters (30-years) Retired; CO II Beulah Dahlin (16-years) Retired, and PO II Barbara Ramos for 25 years State Service.

— Superintendent Dean Marshall