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Ketchikan Inmates Participate in Marine Safety Training

Photo of Dean Marshall presenting Hardy Muasau with his GED

Photo of the SCCC graduates

AMSEA Training at Ketchikan Correctional Center

Southeast Alaska is an ocean environment. Ketchikan has consistently ranked in the top 20 ports in the nation for commercial fishery landings and annually generates over $54 million dollars worth of revenue for the local economy. As such fishery captains desire job ready employees that can jump on a ship qualified to work. With that in mind, Ketchikan Correctional Center recently offered skills ready training in marine safety. Sixteen inmates successfully completed the 18-hour Alaska Marine Safety Education Association (AMSEA) training program by Dug Jensen, a qualified marine safety instructor. During the class, inmates learned proper safety procedures, demonstrated the ability to set up a vessel evacuation plan, demonstrated the ability to get into a survival suit in under a minute and to inflate and properly enter a life raft. They also learned how to deal with vessel fires and proper protocol for sending and receiving distress messages.

— Superintendent Jessica Mathews