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Accounting Tech Rych Clime Honored by Alaska State Firefighters Association

Rych Clime honored

Rych Clime

Juneau Central Office Accounting Tech Rych Clime was honored for 20 years of service by the Alaska State Firefighters Association. The honor was presented on September 27th at the annual State Fire Conference in Anchorage.

“It’s always great to see my firefighting brothers and sisters from around the state convene in one spot/city at the annual conference/training,” Clime said. “At the banquet/awards night, I thought I was getting recognized on stage for helping with this year’s conference, helping the host conference folks (Anchorage, and Anchorage Fire Dept conference committee). Instead I was called up to the stage to be inducted into the Life Membership for 20 years of fire service for the State of Alaska. My fire captain and couple other ASFA board member helped me get nominated.”

Clime, who’s fire warden for the JCO, served as a volunteer firefighter with the Douglas fire station for 18 years.