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Ketchikan Correctional Center Marks Appreciation Weeks with Barbeque

Ketchikan Correctional Center celebrated the trio of appreciation weeks for Correctional Officers, Nurses and Education by grilling and cooking out on the barb. Staff were treated to two days of Alaskan fare. First on Wednesday the 8th staff were provided with burgers made from mule deer, elk and Sitka black tail which were seasoned to perfection with all the sides. On Thursday the 9th the second round of crews were given grilled king salmon with all the fixings. Chef Ed Irizarry manned the grill with Sous Chef Holly Cloudy assisting. All the protein was donated by the Superintendent and her mountain man husband, Drew Mathews. Thank you to all the staff for the work that you do and for assisting in this spur of the moment event. Thanks to all who came to eat and have a good time on a fabulously rare sunny week in Ketchikan.

— Superintendent Jessica Mathews