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PCC staff raises $1,030 for SHARE Campaign


Left to right: Officer Britton, Officer Canada, Probation Officer Marre


Right to left: Sgt. Lund, Sgt. Snowdeal, PO Brinkman, Supt. Anderson, Administartive Officer Van Slyke, Lt. Olsen and Assistant Supt. Houser

At Palmer Correctional Center, Officers Britton and Canada, and PO Marre orchestrated the efforts of Palmer Correctional Staff (PCC) to raise $1030.16 for the Alaska Share Campaign. Many PCC employees donated items to be auctioned, participated in the bake sale, and volunteered to have pies put in their faces. Officer Britton coordinated a silent auction and raised $393 for the United Way of Wasilla. PO Marre managed a bake sale and raised $197.16 for Matsu Services for Children and Adults. Office Canada supervised the ‘pie in your face’ and raised $440 dollars for Matsu Services for Children and Adults.