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CC Medium Inmates benefit community one blanket at a time

Palmer Inmates

Back Row Left to Right: Lt. Olsen, Ofc. Canada, Sgt. Kollander, Ron Steyer, Charles Franzen, George Woods, Daniel Borsetti, Foster Barnett, Jacob Roller, Derek Werder, Vance Barrett, Edward Domrude, Eugene Lazar, Josh Semeraro, Keith Kieffer, Chris Chuckwuk, Harold Finger, Joseph Jackson, Carl Oyagak, Darron Sanders, Coty Wolverton, J. Cobb Whitmore, Jeffery King, Alex Eckhardt, Arthur Mack, Aaron Woods, Timothy Scott, Paul Suter, Nick Middleton, Steve Weeg, Wayne McNearney, Benjamin Mochin, Michael Lane, Superintendent Anderson, Ofc. Smith; Front Row Left to Right: Edgar Madros, David Koen, Ryan Cox, Mike Jester, John Caverly, Damien Prescott, Michael Linn, Gary Butcher, Zack Pierwola, Timothy Russel, Billy Ray Turner

For the sixth year in a row, Palmer Correctional Center inmates have funded and participated in a crochet program that allows the inmates to give back to the community. Inmates had an opportunity to make hand-crafted crochet items such as blankets, hats, and scarves for various Alaskan charities and communities. All of the materials used for the projects are purchased from the profits generated by the PCC Medium Club Sales Store. The inmates have shown through their commitment and dedication to these projects a willingness to utilize pre-existing artistic talents and a few discovered a new creative side they never knew they had. The inmates create their own unique patterns which is clearly apparent in their designs. By crocheting inmates are also displaying compassion and a kindness for others which can become integral for lasting positive changes once the inmate returns to the community. It is the mission of Palmer Correctional Center to aid the inmates incarcerated to return to the community as healthy, productive and responsible members of their communities. In addition Palmer Correctional Center offers educational and vocational curriculum programs for inmates that are useful and beneficial to their transition back into society. These programs provide outlets for positive reinforcement in the inmate’s lives, as well as enabling them to give back to our communities while learning new skills and qualities for life change.

— Superintendent Anderson

2012 Completed Community Care Project Totals: 1,212 Hats, 118 blankets, 51 scarves.